Artist Statement

As a child of Holocaust survivors, I had no one to guide me in understanding the world around me. Although I was born in the USA, growing up, I felt myself ungrounded until I discovered photography during my last year in college. At last I’d found a way to express the strangeness, beauty, and subtext of the society, culture, and politics around me.

My visual journey began as a photojournalist when I went to the Middle East. However, when I came back to America, my photography became more an expression of what I was experiencing personally. As I ventured deeper into America’s culture, I discovered Jazz, which became another focus for my photographic explorations. After capturing the dynamism of this music in the still image, I became restless; I wanted to expand the use of movement, rhythm, and sound more directly as elements of expression; the obvious answer was film, so I started a new journey… into the world of films… seeing and then making them.

Photography Exhibitions

Solo Exhibits

Polaroid Gallery – Cambridge, Mass.
Enjay Gallery Of Photography – Boston, Mass.
Harvard Square Subway Installation – Cambridge, Mass
Human Rights Corridor – Boston City Hall – Boston, Mass
Boston Center For The Arts – Boston, Mass.

Group Exhibits

Soho Photo Gallery – New York City
Scully Gallery – Boston City Hall, Boston, Mass.
Floating Foundation Of Photography – New York City
Exposure Gallery – New York City